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Baker Dinomic vs. Mercator

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  Baker Dinomic Mercator
Creator J. G. P. Baker (1986) Gerardus Mercator (1569)
Group Miscellaneous Cylindric
Property Compromise Conformal
Other Names
Remarks Identical with Mercator projection from the equator up to 45° North/South. Cut off at 84° North and South
recommended comparisons Mercator Baker Dinomic
Braun Perspective
Central Cylindrical
Kavraiskiy I
This pairing is among the list of recommended pairings – but why?
Baker Dinomic is identical to Mercator between 45° North and 45° South. This is quite obvious in the scaled to same width comparisons.

1. Comparison: Physical Map

Baker Dinomic
Baker Dinomic

2. Comparison: Political Map

Baker Dinomic
Baker Dinomic

3. Comparison: Silhouette Map

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Grey areas: Superimposition of projections
Baker Dinomic Silhouette Map
Mercator Silhouette Map

4. Comparison: Tissot Indicatrix, 30°

Baker Dinomic
Baker Dinomic Tissot Indicatrix
Mercator Tissot Indicatrix

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