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WVG: Wagner Variations Generator

The Wagner Variations Generator (WVG) is a tool to, well… generate Wagner variations. ;-)
Background information about that are provided in the article
The Wagner Projections (Part 3): Umbeziffern – The Wagner Transformation Method.

For several reasons, I decided to keep the generator outside of the site’s usual structure. There are two versions:

So, give it a shot – and have fun creating your own Wagner variants!
By the way, in case you find a variant you like so much that you’d like to create real maps using it: As of v3.2, the professional map projection software Geocart supports the generalized Wagner which is, just like the WVG-7, based on Wagner VII.
(And no, I’m not getting paid for this note.)

In case the short informations provided in the WVG aren’t enough to get what you can do there, just skim through the article about Umbeziffern.


New June 2018: I came up with an Wagner variations implementation for d3-geo-projection. Currently, it’s only a proof of concept, since
a) it has not been thoroughly tested yet, and
b) I’m not sure if it complies with the d3 coding conventions.

Examples incl. the corresponding source code can be viewed at Demo of Customizable Wagner using d3-geo. The interactive example will let you try different parameters (just like the WVG-7) but even renders the projection on the fly.

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