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Basic Knowledge about this Website in itself

»Scaled to fit« vs. »Scaled to same width«
Explaining the different scaling methods in the comparison’s expert mode.
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Basic Knowledge about Map Projections

A few articles containing basic knowledge about map projections. I tried to keep them as short as possible. For further and more accurate information, work through the links Information about map projections!

What’s a Map Projection?
Explaining what’s a map projection anyway and why there are lots of them.
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Groups of Map Projections
Projections are divided into groups: Cylindric, pseudocylindric, conic etc. But how do they differ?
And what’s this lenticular class, never heard that one before?
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Properties of the Map Projections
Explaining the properties assigned to map projections: Conformal, equal-area, equidistant, compromise.
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Tissot’s Indicatrix
In case you wondering about the projection images with those funny little dots: That’s the Tissot indicatrix, and in this article, I’m going to explain it. Read it…

Eigentlich heißt es Kartennetzentwurf (german)
The correct german word for map projection is Kartennetzentwurf.
Nonetheless, in the german version of this site, I’m saying Kartenprojektion instead. Strictly speaking, this is wrong, and I know it. But at least I’m explaining why I’m using the wrong term. And since the article is about a speciality of the german language it’s available in German only.
Read it anyway… or Read it on Google Translate to get funny results

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