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A few selected Map Projections

This section is reserved for articles about map projection that I’d like to describe in detail.
Maybe because I like them very much.
Maybe because I don’t like them at all.
Mabye because I feel that they deserve more attention than they usually get.
Or for any other reason.

The Hufnagel Projections
Maybe the first coherent presentation on the web of Herbert Hufnagel’s 1989 pseudocylindric equal-area map projections. → Read it…

Patterson Cylindrical Projection
A new cylindric projection which strives to »balance polar exaggeration against maintaining the familiar shape of continents«, and quite successfully. → Read it…

Strebe 1995 and Strebe Asymmetric 2011
Two very interesting lenticular equal-area projections by Daniel »daan« Strebe. → Read it…

The Wagner Projections (Part 1)
About the nine projections by Karlheinz Wagner.
In the first part, they are shown and commented upon. → Read it…

The Wagner Projections (Part 2): Usage
A few examples showing which Wagner projections might be used for which kind of application. → Read it…

The Wagner Projections (Part 3): Das Umbeziffern
Wagners transformation method, and how to create new projections using it. → Read it…

The Wagner Projections (Part 4): The Wagner Bros.
Presenting Wagner’s own equal-area variations of Wagner VII.

Introducing the Wagner-Denoyer Projection
My first own (and probably not very well-made) attempt at a map projection. → Read it…

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