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Braun Perspective vs. Mercator

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  Braun Perspective Mercator
Creator Carl Braun (1867) Gerardus Mercator (1569)
Group Cylindric Cylindric
Property Compromise Conformal
Other Names
  • Braun Perspective Cylindrical
Remarks Approximates Mercator, but uses a true projection.

For better comparability to Mercator, the image is clipped at about 84° North and South.
Cut off at 84° North and South
recommended comparisons Mercator Baker Dinomic
Braun Perspective
Central Cylindrical
Kavraiskiy I
This pairing is among the list of recommended pairings – but why?
The Braun Perspective Cylindrical projection is a deliberate approximation towards Mercator.

1. Comparison: Physical Map

Braun Perspective
Braun Perspective

2. Comparison: Political Map

Braun Perspective
Braun Perspective

3. Comparison: Silhouette Map

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Grey areas: Superimposition of projections
Braun Perspective Silhouette Map
Mercator Silhouette Map

4. Comparison: Tissot Indicatrix, 30°

Braun Perspective
Braun Perspective Tissot Indicatrix
Mercator Tissot Indicatrix

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