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Eckert IV vs. Equal Earth

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  Eckert IV Equal Earth
Creator Max Eckert-Greifendorff (1906) Bojan Savric, Tom Patterson, Bernhard Jenny (2018)
Group Pseudocylindric Pseudocylindric
Property Equal-area Equal-area
Other Names
Remarks An equal-area projection that was designed to resemble the overall shape of the graticule of the popular (non-equal-area) Robinson projection.
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recommended comparisons Equal Earth
Hufnagel 10
Hufnagel 9
Natural Earth II
Nell-Hammer modified
Wagner IV
Eckert IV
Wagner IV
This pairing is among the list of recommended pairings – but why?
While very much alike at first glance, in direct comparision the differences become quite obvious.

1. Comparison: Physical Map

Eckert IV
Eckert IV
Equal Earth
Equal Earth

2. Comparison: Political Map

Eckert IV
Eckert IV
Equal Earth
Equal Earth

3. Comparison: Silhouette Map

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Grey areas: Superimposition of projections
Eckert IV Silhouette Map
Equal Earth Silhouette Map

4. Comparison: Tissot Indicatrix, 30°

Eckert IV
Eckert IV Tissot Indicatrix
Equal Earth
Equal Earth Tissot Indicatrix

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