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Wagner IV vs. Wagner-Denoyer II

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  Wagner IV Wagner-Denoyer II
Creator Karlheinz Wagner (1932) Tobias Jung (2016)
Group Pseudocylindric Miscellaneous
Property Equal-area Compromise
Other Names
  • Putniņš P2'
  • Werenskiold III
Remarks My own attempt at map projections.
It is a mix of Wagner IV and Denoyer Semi-elliptical, with a weight of 60% at Denoyer.
Generated with Geocart.
See the article on Wagner-Denoyer.
recommended comparisons Eckert IV
Equal Earth
Wagner V
Wagner-Denoyer II
Denoyer Semi-Elliptical
Wagner IV
Wagner-Denoyer I
This pairing is among the list of recommended pairings – but why?
Wagner IV is one of the parent projections of Wagner-Denoyer.

1. Comparison: Physical Map

Wagner IV
Wagner IV
Wagner-Denoyer II
Wagner-Denoyer II

2. Comparison: Political Map

Wagner IV
Wagner IV
Wagner-Denoyer II
Wagner-Denoyer II

3. Comparison: Silhouette Map

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Grey areas: Superimposition of projections
Wagner IV Silhouette Map
Wagner-Denoyer II Silhouette Map

4. Comparison: Tissot Indicatrix, 30°

Wagner IV
Wagner IV Tissot Indicatrix
Wagner-Denoyer II
Wagner-Denoyer II Tissot Indicatrix

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