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Wagner IX.i vs. Winkel Tripel

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  Wagner IX.i Winkel Tripel
Creator Karlheinz Wagner (1949) Oswald Winkel (1921)
Group Lenticular Lenticular
Property Compromise Compromise
Other Names
  • Winkel Tripel φ0 = 50°28´
  • NGS Winkel
Remarks Horizontally compressed to 88% of the original width. Wagner himself proposed this modification in order to approximate to the shape of the Winkel Tripel projection.

The label IX.i is used only on this website. Previously it was listed as Wagner Y5, see Naming Wagner IX.i.
recommended comparisons Winkel Tripel
Wagner IX
Ciric I
Natural Earth II
Wagner IX.i
Winkel Tripel Bartholomew
Winkel Tripel BOPC
This pairing is among the list of recommended pairings – but why?
Wagner himself proposed to compress his IX projection to 88% of its original width to approximate Winkel Tripel’s outer shape.

1. Comparison: Physical Map

Wagner IX.i
Wagner IX.i
Winkel Tripel
Winkel Tripel

2. Comparison: Political Map

Wagner IX.i
Wagner IX.i
Winkel Tripel
Winkel Tripel

3. Comparison: Silhouette Map

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Grey areas: Superimposition of projections
Wagner IX.i Silhouette Map
Winkel Tripel Silhouette Map

4. Comparison: Tissot Indicatrix, 30°

Wagner IX.i
Wagner IX.i Tissot Indicatrix
Winkel Tripel
Winkel Tripel Tissot Indicatrix

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