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Aitoff-van-der-Grinten 65


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  Aitoff-van-der-Grinten 65
Creator Tobias Jung (inspired by John J.G. Savard) (2007 / 2018)
Group Miscellaneous
Property Compromise
Other Names
Remarks A blend of Aitoff and van der Grinten I.
I liked the arithmetic mean of these two as shown at since 2007. In this variant, I shifted the weighting of projections (65% Aitoff, 35% v.d. Grinten).

It is a bit bold to name myself as the creator, but I’ve never seen this specific configuration before, so…
However, thanks to John J. G. Savard of for inspiration!

Distortions are considerable, so I’d recommend this projection, if at all, for decorative matters only.

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