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Equirectangular (35.6°) vs. Patterson Cylindrical

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  Equirectangular (35.6°) Patterson Cylindrical
Creator Marinus of Tyre (about AD 100) Tom Patterson, Bojan Savric, Bernhard Jenny (2014)
Group Cylindric Cylindric
Property Equidistant Compromise
Other Names
Remarks Here: Standard parallels at 35.6° (= 35° 36′) North/South. Values around these standard parallels nicely fill the space of a ISO-219 series A (A3, A4 etc.) paper sheet while at the same time leaving enough space for a legend above or below the map. The Patterson cylindrical balances polar exaggeration against maintaining the familiar shape of continents.

Read Introducing the Patterson Cylindrical Projection on

Here on there’s an article about Patterson Cylindrical.

Note: Up to the end of 2019 I showed a wrong rendition of the Patterson projection here (having a false aspect ratio). The current image is correct. Read the blogpost about this.
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Equirectangular (28°)

1. Comparison: Physical Map

Equirectangular (35.6°)
Equirectangular (35.6°)
Patterson Cylindrical
Patterson Cylindrical

2. Comparison: Silhouette Map

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Grey areas: Superimposition of projections
Equirectangular (35.6°) Silhouette Map
Patterson Cylindrical Silhouette Map

3. Comparison: Tissot Indicatrix, 30°

Equirectangular (35.6°)
Equirectangular (35.6°) Tissot Indicatrix
Patterson Cylindrical
Patterson Cylindrical Tissot Indicatrix

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